Welcome to Brain Trainers Connection

Thanks for visiting Brain Trainers Connection.  I’m Tara Jenner and I have been helping children and adults with learning challenges (as well as those who are gifted or gifted with a “glitch”) maximize their brain’s potential in a clinical one-on one setting for over 6 years. Membership to Brain Trainers Connection will give you the tools to do much of the training yourself from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.

Through the science of neural plasticity we can purposefully create and enhance brain connections, making learning easier, faster and more efficient.

Up until now, to get this type of training you would have to hire a cognitive skills trainer to do the work. Now you will be given the tools to get started building a better brain.  Each month you will receive access to a number of video demonstrations, informational sessions, handouts, useful links etc.  The materials will cover a broad range of cognitive skills regularly found to be weak in individuals struggling academically and socially.  Each skill will be taught starting from the very basics and, over time, will build to more complex skill levels and activities.

Our site is set up so that each month builds upon the previous month’s skills, while continuing to add in additional information and skills to afford you a strong base of material.  Access to all the prior months’ videos will ensure you are applying the skills and training protocols correctly.  Working on a new set of skills each month will avoid information overload and feelings of being overwhelmed.

I invite you to join for a month’s trial at the introductory rate of $4.97.  Test drive the site and I am sure you will find the approach to be beneficial for you and your student.  Each month you will receive new information for the low price of $14.97.  Simply cancel at any time you feel you have met your desired level of improvement.

Happy Brain Training!